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Survey. Who's watching what?Metro - May 22th - 24th 2013

Planning a movie night for a group this weekend? If so, chances are that selecting a comedy will prove most enjoyable for everyone. Play Taxi Media, a Canadian-based media company with a national network of touch screens in taxicabs, surveyed more than 5,700 riders on their movie preference and results indicated that 40 per cent of women and 34 per cent of men select comedy as their first choice of movie genre.

Comedy wasn′t the only genre that both sexes came closest to agreeing on however. Fourteen per cent of women would choose horror along with 11 per cent of men. Nine per cent of both sexes selected fantasy. The dividing line for each sex was between drama and action; 21 per cent of women versus 16 per cent of men would choose drama with 31 per cent of men versus 15 per cent of women choosing action.

When selecting which movie to attend, 65 per cent of the audience overall agreed that viewing a movie′s trailer is the main driver in deciding to purchase a ticket.