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Survey. The shoe fits. Well, many shoes reallyMetro - January 25th - 27th 2013

It′s official: Women do indeed buy more shoes than men. The surprising part is that it′s only twice as many women buying all those shoes; 41 per cent of women say they buy more than seven pairs in a year, while 20 per cent of men admit to the same number. So men are no slouches in the shoe-buying department either.

The survey results come from Play Taxi Media, a Canadian-based media company with a national network of touch screens in taxicabs. They surveyed more than 8,000 riders in December, and both genders responded in equal numbers.

It′s more common for men to buy between one and three pairs of shoes a year, as 42 per cent of them do. That same 42 per cent also spend less than $250 on shoes a year, but another 31 per cent spend more than $500.

Those numbers are the opposite for women: 37 per cent spend more than $500 a year on shoes, while 31 per cent spend less than $250.

But the sexes come together when it comes to shoe brands, as Aldo is the top stop for both genders. Town Shoes, The Bay and Brown′s are also amongst the most popular stores for footwear.