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Taxi Confessions: Bedroom ConfessionsMetro - January 31st - February 02nd 2014

Play Taxi Media, the national network of in-taxi touchscreens, surveyed more than 8,000 men and women in December 2013 and January 2014 on their current and past relationships. The resultsof this survey may shock and surprise you. Reader discretion is advised.

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Exactly 41 percent of men and women have cheated on their partner at one point in their current or past relationships.

Have you ever had unprotected sex with someone who was not your partner? Thirty-seven per cent of men and 39 per cent of women have never had unprotected sex with someone other than their partner, but 29 per cent of men and 27 per cent of women have admitted doing so on more than five occasions.

Does your partner (current or past) possess images, videos or voice mails of “intimate moments”? Forty-six per cent of men and 50 percent of women admit being in possession of some form of recorded intimacy.

How comfortable are you with your partner? More than 75 per cent of men and women admit that “everything goes” when discussing their comfort levels in the bedroom, but more men admitted being timid (21 percent) in the bedroom than women (16 per cent).

Be sure to check back on Feb. 28 for Part 3 of Play Taxi Media’s Taxi Confessions!