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Survey. Vaycay vs. Staycay. Canadians play hard at home and abroadMetro - Febuary 22th - 24th 2013

Do you take at least one vacation per year? Are international destinations of most interest to you? Are you often considering "staycation" activities for your friends and family? If so, you are clearly not alone.

Play TaxiMedia, a Canadian-based media company with a national network of touchscreens in taxicabs, surveyed more than 8,000 riders across the country, and found that riders incorporate both travel and local activities into their annual vacation plans.

When booking vacations, 70 per cent of riders indicated that they take between one and five vacations per year, with 75 per cent opting to travel to Mexico and other international destinations.

Staycation plans rank high as well with 75 per cent of people booking outings for both themselves and for others. Finally, close to 50 per cent spend more than $100 per outing for each individual, with dining and visiting city attractions ranking as the most popular outings.