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Taxi Confessions: The Work EnvironmentMetro - December 06th - 08th 2013

Play Taxi Media, the national network of in-taxi touchscreens, surveyed over 5,000 men and women in November 2013 on their behaviour in the workforce. The results are interesting, to say the least!

Have you ever stolen from your place of employment? Would you believe that 40 per cent of men and women admit stealing from work?

Even more staggering is that when asked about their salary, those that consider themselves to be "overpaid" are the most common kleptomaniacs. There may be some coal in a few stockings this holiday season!

Have you ever had an office romance (fling or relationship)? Forty-four per cent of men admit to having an intimate relationship at work, with 48 per cent of women admitting the same. It seems that sparks fly when burning the candle at both ends!

Has a boss/superior ever made an advance towards you? Thirty per cent of men reported that a superior has crossed a professional line, with 41 per cent of women saying they have had a similar experience. Who says love can′t start in the workplace?

Play Taxi Media would like to sincerely thank our riders for their honest responses. Be on the lookout January 2014 for part 2 of Play′s Taxi Confessions!